Cable Line Holdings LLC provides project management services as needed by each customer region. To include management of major rebuilds, power supply maintenance/installation, system design, MDU/instutional & commercial projects, underground/ariel plant extensions & ongoing fulfillment layered management to meet & exceed customer requirements. Cable Line Holdings LLC is able to do this by employing a management staff which includes:

  • Regional Director
  • Project Superviser
  • Manager
  • Superviser
  • Lead Technician
  • Quality Control Superviser
  • Safety Representative
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Dispatch Manager

  • Cable Line Holdings LLC is a full service 100% W-2 employee based company providing 25 years of fulfillment services along with all other facets of the broadband industry exclusively to Multi System Cable Operators nationally. As a full service provider Cable Line Holdings LLC participates in Project management to include complete system rebuilds, plant extensions & aerial/underground construction.

    Cable Line Holdings LLC utilizes an online barcode asset management program to track all equipment/inventory issued. Our warehouse SOP is second to none. All of Cable Line Holdings LLC facilities are protected with physical security along with central station monitoring security/fire alarm systems. Additionally all customer's assets/inventory are fully insured in the event of a catastrophic loss. Our current customer's inventory losses in areas of operation are virtually none existent. Material provisioning services include audited requisitions from customer's warehouse to Cable Line Holding's facilities. Technician‘s then fill out daily requisition forms to our warehouse staff. When these requests are complete customer's supplies/equipment usage is tracked by our warehouse staff to ensure efficient material utilization in the fulfillment process.